Miguel Kertsman

Time? What's Time?


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-01 Universal Clock_ Gravity Tunnel Reprise
-02 Contact
-03 Which Path_
-04 Masters Of Vega
-05 The City
-06 Promises, Lies And Deception
-07 The City Postlude
-08 Chasing Love
-09 Tomorrow's Desert_ I.Seemingly Infinite II.Snakes III.Tomorrow's Desert
-10 Dawning Interlude
-11 The Drifter
-12 Mad Quite Mad
-13 The Calling
-14 The Muse
-15 And We're Still Not Listening
-16 Time_ What Time_
-17 Maracatuwarp
-18 Intergalactic Telepathic Intercourse

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-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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