Miguel Kertsman

Rosenfeld Variations For Strings


Duration: 25:00 A set of theme and variations including a chorale, scherzo, lullaby, Brazilian children's dance, adagio and fugue in five voices. The work can performed in its entirety, or as individual movements, and can be played equally by a string qu

This offer contains:

-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Cello_US
-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Bass_US
-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Strings_SCORE_US
-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Viola_US
-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Violin II_US
-Kertsman_Rosenfeld Variations_Violin I_US
-EU Format

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