Miguel Kertsman

Amazônia, Symphonic Poem (digital download)


Miguel Kertsman, Early Orchestral Works Amazônia, Symphonic Poem Dennis Russell Davies, Bruckner Orchester Linz, Wolfgang Schulz An Aurua Sounds, Ltd. production in collaboration with Gramola Vienna Featuring Dennis Russell Davies conducting Bruckner Orchestra Linz in Austria, and Vienna Philharmonic Principal Flutist Wolfgang Schulz as soloist. Listen to three of Kertsman’s younger symphonic works including the meditative “Chamber Symphony No. 1 ACORDA! (Wake-Up!), the picturesque Brazilian-Orchestral “Dumb Donkey Called Jackass”, and Amazônia, Symphonic Poem, a tribute to the Amazon Rain Forest and an ecological call for its sustainable use and preservation. Amazônia has been performed six times in concert and aired live on the radio and network TV in Brazil and Europe.

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